The Very Best Sleepaway Camping Experience For Boys & Girls

Camp Kweebec is nationally recognized as one of the finest and longest-standing summer camps in the United States and has been fully accredited by the American Camping Association for more than 45 years.

Since our inception in 1935, we have been setting some of the highest standards in the camping industry, providing fun, exciting, and unforgettable summer experiences for boys and girls ages 6-16. Located on 200 acres in Pennsylvania’s Perkiomen Valley, Camp Kweebec has been owned and operated by the Weiser family for more than 45 years.

Camp Kweebec Offers:

  • An unparalleled athletic program
  • Waterfront views
  • Dance and music programs
  • Performing arts program
  • Young pilot program
  • & More

Enrollment at Camp Kweebec is limited to 150 boys & 150 girls. This keeps the camp large enough to provide a sufficient number of children for activities in every age group, but small enough to ensure that each child receives plenty of personal attention, and feels he or she is an integral part of the Kweebec family.

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Our Camp Offers Waterfront Views, Fun Activities & Programs For Kids Between The Ages of 6-16

Kweebec campers come from all over the world. Some join us for our unparalleled athletic program, some for our beautiful twin lakes, our high-energy dance and music programs, our fun and creative performing arts program, and so much more!

Whatever drives your child’s ambitions, we’re on a mission to provide the fuel for a fun, safe, and unforgettable boys’ and girls’ summer camp experience! While making new friends, improving their athletic talents, and honing their creative abilities, our sleepaway campers also enjoy great food, modern cabin amenities, a s’more-filled adventure, and so many more ways to make our life-changing summer experience their own!

Adventure & Newfound Life Experiences Await!

Great for first-time summer campers and older kids who are ready for a half or full-summer sleepaway camp near the Poconos, every camper still gets to enjoy the same thrilling activities and award-worthy program experiences.

For the young athletes in your family, we’re known as the premier sports summer camp on the East Coast. With professionally-maintained venues for baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, basketball, and more, we’re the only overnight summer camp near NJ to consider if your child or teen wants to elevate their athletic talent with the best training, equipment, and facilities.

For the creative enthusiasts in your family, our waterfront camp’s innovative arts, dance, and music opportunities inspire kids to reach new heights in their areas of interest. Our skilled staff members in Eastern PA bring a passion to every creative venture, opening the doors to newfound artistic and imaginative avenues in both the craft room and on the stage!

For our youngest campers aged 6-10, our summer camp near New York offers a life-changing Pilot Program. This two-week adventure is filled with our best sleep-away camp activities, they still get to participate with full-session campers, and they have plenty of time to flourish with new friendships, adventures, and practical skills that last a lifetime!

A Supportive Atmosphere Every Parent Can Appreciate

While your kid may say the best part of sleepaway camp was the zip line or horseback riding, our overnight summer camps in Eastern PA revolve around well-rounded experiences that impart top values like teamwork, respect, and confident communication.

Perfect for children and teens ages 6-16, beneficial experiences like summer camps in Montgomery County, PA are extremely valuable during these early years of development. As campers learn to rely on their fellow Kweebec friends and counselors, those practical social skills positively influence everything from family communication to classroom engagement.

Regardless of your child’s interests or goals for overnight camp, our girls’ and boys’ summer camp is here to keep your kid captivated, safe, and excited for the next new adventure! We also offer half sessions, second-half sessions, and a summer filled with fun. Along with the many exciting activities included with our overnight camp near Philadelphia, our sleep-away camp staff members promote:

  • Inspiration to Try New Things: Engaging in new activities promotes confidence, and real-time problem-solving, and improves fundamentals like coordination and mental acuity. What only looks like a fun-filled waterfront camp is a top opportunity to help your child develop lasting life skills!
  • Healthy Sports Summer Camp Habits: From basic responsibilities like making their beds and brushing their teeth, to smart choices like balanced meals and daily exercise, our overnight camp perfectly mixes fun with active wellness for kids that return home healthy, happy, and excited for the next year’s girls and boys camp!
  • An Inclusive Boys & Girls Summer Camp Atmosphere: We do our best to make our boys’ and girls’ summer camp feel like an East Coast home away from home! Even though we support sleepaway campers from every corner of Pennsylvania and beyond, every camper is treated like family, has the emotional/physical support they need, and is always encouraged to pursue activities that reflect their ambitions!

To preview our beautiful waterfront camps or to learn more about the best summer camps for kids in Florida, we’d love to discuss the details or provide you with an in-person tour. Along with our best camps featured here in PA, ask our helpful Pennsylvania team about summer camps for kids in California for a Camp Kweebec experience unlike any other!