All campers are divided by age group at Kweebec. Each division has its own dedicated, trained supervisor with specialized knowledge of that particular age. Clustering the kids in divisions ensures that the groups are small enough to get personal attention, at the same time providing convenient access to a variety of age-appropriate programs and activities.

Kweebec campers get the best of both worlds by being part of a smaller, more intimate division, while also benefiting from the extensive resources and activities of the larger Kweebec community. Kweebec’s divisions allow the camp experience to grow with our campers, and make each passing summer, and subsequent entry into an older division, a new adventure.

At Kweebec, we operate separate programs for boys and girls, regardless of age. They have their respective sides of camp, their respective program areas, and their respective activities. However, they do come together for meals and many other camp activities.