The health, wellness, and safety of our campers is our primary concern.

We have a modern, well-equipped, air conditioned Health Center staffed by a resident or local visiting doctor and a team of nurses and other medical personnel that work directly under the supervision of Dr. Maddy Weiser, Kweebec’s Medical Director for over 45 years. The medical staff is available 24 hours a day, and we have two Health Center calls daily. Our Health Center maintains open communication with parents regarding health issues, and we have a camper welfare liaison who works in the Health Center.


At Kweebec all food is “home cooked” by our staff or experienced chefs. Baking and cooking is done daily on the premises and we offer a variety of healthy and nutritious well balanced meals to give our campers and staff the energy they need to thrive all day. Meals are served buffet style and we offer a large salad and pasta bar option at every lunch and dinner. An alternative table consisting of low fat and nonfat choices is available everyday. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to our campers.

Campers sit with their respective bunks at meal times, promoting a comfortable family atmosphere. Our Food Service Staff makes the necessary accommodations for food allergies and dietary restrictions and helps to make sure each camper consumes a diet that is balanced and varied. We invite you to contact the office to address any specific dietary concerns you may have for your child.


As parents, we know you are entrusting us with your most precious possession – your children. This is why safety and security is always a top priority at Camp Kweebec. To ensure the safety of our campers and staff, visitors to Kweebec must be approved by the Camp Director(s). Camp Kweebec has a comprehensive emergency management plan in place for various scenarios, and is an officially accredited camp by the American Camping Association.

All of our counselors and staff go through security training at staff orientation, and have a criminal background investigation completed prior to their arrival. Safety is in the details. Kweebec campers will not notice the precautions being taken in the background & behind the scenes, and instead are able to relax and enjoy their experience because of the safety plan that we have in place.