Before your camper joins us for the summer, we want to learn all we can, so their experience at Kweebec is the best it can possibly be. Every family completes a “Camper Confidential” form for each camper, a digital questionnaire that helps us best prepare to meet the needs of every individual. We ask about your camper’s interests, hobbies, school experiences, level of social engagement, health & safety concerns and much more. The more you can share, the better we can make your camper’s experience.

Having prior knowledge about, for example, a learning difficulty, a bed-wetting problem, or a recent loss or major change at home makes a tremendous difference in helping us be sensitive to a camper’s needs. All information will remain confidential, and only shared with those staff members who need to know. At Kweebec, we have your camper’s best interest at heart and want to be as best prepared as we can be to ensure their success.