Kids rule at our sleepaway camp near the Poconos! Perfect for kids ages 6 to 16, our scenic summer camp has earned a place at the top with innovative programs, unforgettable activities, and an amazing atmosphere that makes every kid feel like our summer camp was designed exclusively for them!

Great for new campers and seasoned teens who have already experienced a sleepaway camp, our welcoming vibes and flexible camp options make it easy to plan a summer camp adventure that aligns with your kid’s preferences. For instance, if your young camper is between the ages of 6 to 10, our Youth Pilot program is the perfect way to experience all that we have to offer in a shortened 2-week adventure. Alternatively, if your child or teen is ready to dive into soccer, hockey, water polo, archery, crafts, or a dance and music program, our half and full summer camp sessions are the best way to experience it all.

Best Sleepaway Camp in The Poconos Area

Unlike any other sleepaway camp in the world, every feature of our modern facilities, thoughtful program plans, and inspiring activities has been designed with our Kweebec campers in mind! Like a much-deserved vacation for every kid and teen, our campers have access to the best summer camp perks like:

From horseback riding and craft shop innovation to paintballing and waterskiing, we offer endless variety and the summer never feels long enough at Camp Kweebec!

Like our best activities, our excellent arts and sport camp programs are powered by skilled artists and athletes! Every camper has access to one-on-one training, the best equipment, and ongoing support from fellow teammates and performers.

With the modern quality of life in mind, our summer camp is built with comfort, safety, and convenience in mind. Our sporting facilities are professionally maintained. Our activities are powered by better equipment and supplies. Our clean and tidy cabins and common areas provide the perfect foundation for a healthy and fun summer camp experience.

Whichever summer camp program or duration is right for your kid(s), every Kweebecer enjoys:

  • Life-changing adventure
  • New friends and mentors
  • Confidence to try new things
  • Freedom to express themselves
  • A clean atmosphere, healthy activity, and so much more!
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We Offer Amazing Views, Amenities, Activities & Programs For Children Ages 6-16

Our overnight camp near Philadelphia provides an awe-inspiring glimpse into the untapped wilderness of Pennsylvania. While providing our campers with luxurious amenities is the standard at Camp Kweebec, we think it’s equally important to infuse wild beauty into the activities and adventures we enjoy.

Much like the rich biodiversity, you’ll find in the Poconos forests, lakes, and mountainous terrain, the natural adventures at our summer camp provide a welcomed escape from the stressors of everyday life. With healthy activities like kayaking on the lake, horseback riding through the woods, and learning how to fish, Kweebecers leave camp with more than just fond memories; Kweebecers leave camp with valuable life skills, self-assurance, and a new perspective of our beautiful planet!

Schedule a Scenic Tour at Our Overnight Camp Near The Poconos Today!

To experience the beauty for yourself, we recommend scheduling an exciting tour with the family! From our majestic lake views to the brand-new sporting arenas we have to share, we can’t wait to show you all that we have to offer!

For more information, we have a simple request form online or you can reach out to our friendly team directly and learn more about our amazing full and half-session summer camp programs today!