Making new friends, gaining self-confidence, and learning amazing new life skills are just bonuses at Camp Kweebec! Our beautiful boys and girls camp unites fun and freedom with an exciting variety of creative, explorative, and healthy activities to suit every kid’s adventurous ambitions!

Camp Kweebec Offers:

  • An unparalleled athletic program
  • Beautiful twin lakes and scenery
  • High-energy dance and music programs
  • Performing arts program
  • The Best Young Pilot program for new campers!

A Place For Kids To Grow, Learn, & Have Fun!

In harmony with our endless activities, our New Jersey campers can easily refine their sports camp or arts camp experiences to match their preferences. For example, If your camper wants to try multiple sports or improve in their favorite ones, our leading sports camp programs near NJ allow every camper to have a say in their summer sports schedule!

If your child has a passion for dance or creative arts, our art summer camp near Connecticut infuses innovative creative opportunities into every day’s schedule. Our art summer camp benefits include guided dance choreography, colorful craft workshops, live performance opportunities, and co-camper collaboration that transforms basic summer camp into a more rewarding experience.

From lasting friendships and newfound personal confidence to value teamwork and communication skills that can last a lifetime, our sports and art camps are redefining the definition of summer fun near South Jersey and NJ!

Regardless of your camper’s preferences, our featured programs include a range of perks and support systems to ensure a safe, comfortable, and all-around enjoyable experience. When you gift your kid(s) the best summer camp experience of their life, all full and half-session programs near New Jersey include:

We offer state-of-the-art sporting facilities, beautiful performance/art studios, and modern equipment to power every fun and productive activity.

Even though we promote an atmosphere of fun and freedom to explore, we take your trust in our camp seriously! To better serve our campers and ensure a safer experience, we provide onsite medical care, advanced sporting safety equipment, and constant supervision for camper and parental peace of mind.

Visit our 200 acres of pristine beauty in the Perkiomen Valley and you’ll immediately notice our girl’s and boy’s camp commitment to clean, modern, and well-maintained facilities.

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Fully Accredited By The American Camping Association For Over 45 Years

Recognized for our overnight summer camp’s higher standards of camp safety, quality of life, and health, our summer camps near Delaware and New Jersey strive to exceed every parent’s standards. Among the many considerations involved in maintaining our summer camp’s ACA accreditation, our secure and well-managed sleepaway summer camps near New York and New Jersey feature:

  • Dedicated camp counselors and activity staff members for each cabin group/activity
  • Healthy dining options and freshly prepared meals
  • Accident prevention at the foundation of every activity
  • Trusted camp security

Explore Our Many Camp Opportunities With a Personal Tour Near NJ Today!

Only a short drive from South Jersey, our top summer camps near Philadelphia and New Jersey proudly support campers from far and wide! Our inclusive environment is welcome to all, and we can’t wait to meet you and your family with a convenient tour whenever it works for you.

With any of the exciting sports summer camp or art summer camp programs mentioned above, we offer flexible overnight camp options. For example, if you have other vacation plans for the summer, our sleepaway summer camp’s Youth Pilot program or half summer sessions near NJ are the perfect way to experience all that we have to offer.

For the ambitious kids and teens who are ready to get the most out of our arts or sports summer camp, we recommend the full sleepaway summer camp experience. With our longer overnight summer camp program near South Jersey, campers have more time to enjoy the top activities, improve in their favorite skills, and so much more.

For more information, reach out to our helpful team for an insider’s perspective of life at Camp Kweebec. During our boys and girls camp tours near South Jersey, you’ll learn all about our best activities, enjoy our beautiful scenery, and can gain an authentic sense of our upbeat and welcoming vibes!