At Kweebec, we believe that sports need to be fun. Creating a positive environment where children are put in situations to succeed and foster their self-confidence is our number one priority. It is not necessary to be the best athlete to attend our camp. When it comes to team sports, our focus is on the team getting better as a whole, as well as providing the groundwork for each individual child to reach his or her full potential.

For our younger campers who may be new to certain sports, instruction is given in a variety of team sports. These periods are incorporated into the weekly program and are led by our qualified resident staff. Over the years, we have had countless professional instructors give guidance and help teach the basic fundamentals that are so important for a child to learn when they begin playing a sport. Our more experienced athletes are always given opportunities to have more one on one instruction built into their schedules. From the elite athlete to the novice, everyone is encouraged to participate and improve.

League games are played throughout the summer and are concluded with playoffs and finals for each team sport. The league games bring energy and excitement to the daily program and run throughout the camp season. We understand that competition is a natural part of every child’s development. At Kweebec, our focus is on the excitement of building new skills and encouragement of our campers to try their best. Win or lose, being a good teammate and having fun are the most important parts of sports at camp.