Working at Kweebec is a rare opportunity to reach your full potential as you help others reach theirs. With that in mind, we have very high expectations of our staff.

We expect our staff members to make their campers’ safety, health and happiness their number one priority. Our counselors should be positive role models who consistently display patience and warmth to our campers. At Kweebec, the staff members who are open to constructive criticism and those who lean on our experienced leadership team are usually the ones that do best. The expectation is that our counselor staff will perform duties with energy, enthusiasm, and with empathy. We expect our staff to be cooperative, resourceful and flexible if our needs may change during the summer.

We know it is not always easy to adapt to a new situation, so our leadership team helps make the transition as easy as possible with a great deal of training and support. At our Staff Orientation prior to the campers’ arrival, you will receive several days of training and professional development. You will also get to know Kweebec and your fellow staff members. By the end of orientation, you’ll have a good view of our perspective on camping and our expectations.

We have an open-door policy at Camp Kweebec and we strive to be as supportive as possible. We always encourage you to approach the leadership team or directors with any of your questions.