For a summer your kid will never forget, our adventure-filled sleepaway summer camp is unlike any other camp in the country! If your child loves sports and creative arts or they have a passion for travel and experiencing new things, our summer camp offers it all. Located on 200 acres of lakeside beauty in the heart of the Perkiomen Valley in Pennsylvania, we’re a summertime home away from home for campers from around the world!

Our Camp Includes:

  • Comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Beautiful scenery, including lake views
  • A wide variety of programs & activities
  • A professional & dedicated staff

As a top sleepaway summer camp for kids in California, Florida, and every state in between, we’ve made it our mission to provide an experience that elevates every summer break. Known for our enriching sports programs and inspiring arts summer camp, the best summer vacations at Camp Kweebec start with your kid’s top priorities!

If your child would love to try awesome activities like horseback riding, ziplining, or water tubing, our encouraging atmosphere and supportive staff members make it easy to explore new things. Pair our coolest activities with engaging community events, tight-knit bunk bonding, and focused programs that align with each camper’s passions, and you have a recipe for the best summer ever!

Best Sleepaway Camp For Boys & Girls in FL

Before you drive or fly from Florida, get in touch with our helpful sleepaway summer camp team and discover the many ways we empower our campers. Among the many steps we take to stand out from the overnight summer camp crowd, we are committed to camper quality of life, safety, and provide an inclusive atmosphere where every camper is treated with respect and kindness.

With 80+ years of overnight summer camp experience, many of our top features are all thanks to the Kweebecers we host each year. We actively listen to our young Kweebecers and have carefully designed our schedules and facilities around the activities and events that our overnight summer campers love the most.

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Our Campers From Florida Gain the Focused Attention They Deserve

In our sports camps, our Kweebecers have access to the newest facilities, quality gear, and one-on-one instruction, and become an integral part of their teams. With awesome sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, tennis, water polo, archery, and so many other sports, every young athlete gains a competitive edge in our comprehensive summer sessions.

In an ongoing effort to be the best away summer camp for young athletes in Florida, our sports camp also features:

  • State-of-the-art safety equipment
  • Professionally-maintained fields and courts
  • Freedom to customize your camper’s athletic program plan
  • A 3:1 counselor-to-camper ratio for more personalized training attention
  • Unique athletic opportunities above and beyond the classic sporting options

In our exciting creative programs, our art summer campers enjoy dancing, singing, designing, crafting, and growing together as a community. Guided by caring counselors and encouraged by their fellow bunkmates, every art summer camp program features:

  • Quality crafting supplies to help our campers succeed in their favorite creative activities
  • Dynamic team environments boost confidence and collaboration as we uplift and motivate each other
  • Hands-on instruction and advice from staff members who live and breathe the creative arts
  • Beautiful studios and craft rooms to explore new dance moves, sing together, and have fun getting messy with tie-dye and pottery!

Sign Up For Our Summer Camp Today!

These are only a few of the endless possibilities we have to share at Camp Kweebec. Our all-inclusive summer camps are the perfect escape for kids from Florida, and we can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Before our sleepaway summer camps fill up this season, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team to schedule a personal tour or learn more about our beautiful camp today. We offer flexible booking times, a 2-week Youth Pilot program, half-summer packages, and full summer sessions for any kid or teen from 6-16 who’s ready to have the best summer of their life!