What Parents Are Saying

Kweebec has instilled confidence in my boys and helped them build so many meaningful relationships.  I truly trust their leadership team with the safety and happiness of my children.


My kids both came home saying that they had the BEST SUMMER EVER!” The one thing my daughter talks about most were her counselors and it is so clear how impactful they were in my child’s overall experience and happiness.


My son has been at Kweebec for six years. He counts down the days in the winter to the next summer and stays in touch with the other kids in his bunk and his counselors all throughout the year.  He even likes the food!


They call it your home away from home and it is so true. It’s literally been 25 years since I was a camper at Camp Kweebec and getting to send my son here and watch him have the same wonderful memories and experiences I had is amazing!


There is no place like Kweebec…it is a family. My daughter loves her leagues and we really like that they have so many athletic courts and fields.


I am not aware of any camp that gives each child so much care and attention…not to mention the friendships my kids made and the fun they had.


My daughters love Camp Kweebec! This is their 2nd summer & they have been waiting all year to return.  They have made such great friends & have experienced so many new things.  We are so excited for them!