Eat, Sleep, Live, and Love Every Day of your summer.

Bunk life at Kweebec is a key component of the sleepaway camp experience. The bunk is where campers learn to live together as a group and understand the importance of acceptance, patience, and collaboration – skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. There are separate locations for “Girls Line” and “Boys Line”, and all of the bunks are positioned in a way that reinforces the sense of community at camp.

Campers are assigned to bunks based on school grade and age, with an emphasis placed on creating bunks that have an ideal mix of personalities and interests. The physical size of the bunk and the number of campers in each varies depending upon the division but on average is between 8-12 campers. There’s plenty of space around each bed, and every camper has an individual cubby for their clothes and shelf space for all their belongings. Each bunk has recently-renovated bathrooms, equipped with electricity, private shower and restroom stalls and a hot water heater.

The overall camper-counselor ratio in each bunk is 3:1 to ensure the highest level of supervision.

Simply put, the bunk is every camper’s home base and ultimately their bunkmates are their summer family. It is the setting where many of their most special camp memories will take place and where some of the deepest bonds of friendship will form.