Each day, campers take part in as many as seven different activities. Kweebec’s wide range of camp activities encourage campers to pursue new interests, cultivate friendships and develop their individual strengths. Our daily schedule offers the perfect mix of bunk and group activities, as well as individual “choice” periods. Campers have plenty of opportunities to improve upon those activities they enjoy most and learn new activities along the way. As campers get older, they have more choices and flexibility in their daily schedule.


No two days at Kweebec are the same, but here is what a typical day might look like:
7:45 am – WAKE UP
Find out what’s on tap for the day.
8:30 am – BREAKFAST
9:15 am – BUNK CLEAN UP
It’s time to tidy up your cabin with your bunkmates and counselors…You might just win inspection and score a great bunk prize!
10:00 am – 1:00 pm – MORNING ACTIVITIES
The fun begins! 3 periods of non-stop action. Sports leagues, bunk activities, choice periods, swimming, instruction or over 50 possible activities means there’s absolutely no time to waste.
1:00 pm – LUNCH
1:45 pm – REST PERIOD
Take a much needed break before your next set of activities start. Relax, nap, write a letter home, or play games with your friends!
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm – AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES
3 more activities in the afternoon including divisional Free Swim.
3:45 pm – MILK SQUAD
Milk Squad is a long-running tradition at camp where everyone comes together in the Grove for an afternoon snack. It’s a perfect opportunity to recharge for the rest of your day!
5:30 pm – RECALL
It’s time to shower and rest up before dinner.
Get the 411 on the evening’s activities and participate in the daily, traditional flag lowering ceremony in Boys Camp and the traditional hats off ceremony in Girls Camp.
6:30 pm – DINNER
7:15 pm – 9:00 pm – EVENING ACTIVITIES
Campfires, Free Play by Bunk, Camper Talent shows, Musical performances, Lip Synch Battle, Crazy Races, and Theme Dances are just a handful of the exciting activities that are a part of our evening program.
CURFEW/LIGHTS OUT Varies by age.