“We feel so lucky to have spent our literal lifetime of summers at Camp Kweebec…there is simply no greater job! In 2016 we “officially” became the full time Owners & Directors of Kweebec even though we had already been integrally involved in the running of the day to day operations of camp. We are so proud of everything we have accomplished so far, and strive to continue our family’s long legacy of Kweebec’s very warm, down to earth, fun filled, family atmosphere! Kweebec taught us all of our valuable life lessons — how to make friends and be a good friend in return, how to challenge ourselves & work through conflict, how to become more independent and learn confidence.

As Directors, we truly believe in the value of overnight camp — especially at Kweebec. As Parents now ourselves, it is so important to us to help our campers build their own lasting relationships. To learn to be a member of a team & stand up for themselves, to be curious and try new things, to discover the value of sportsmanship and ultimately accomplish their own personal goals.

Overnight camp is a huge gift you give to your child and the magic of Kweebec will stay with them as they grow into adults and parents themselves. These special memories and bonds made at Kweebec become deeply woven into the fabric of who they are. Kweebec’s smaller community allows us to give lots of attention to each of our campers and maintain our boutique camp feel.

We know that when you choose Camp Kweebec you have placed in us a deep trust to protect the welfare of our “very precious cargo”— your children. We deeply appreciate and respect that trust and extend every effort to create the kind of community where your child can flourish and return you at the end of the summer healthy, happy and more self assured!”

— Rachel & Josh

jon westin

Jon Weston

“As someone who has been involved in overnight camping for nearly 30 years, I feel strongly about the value of camp in a child’s life. I have worked in almost every leadership position at Camp Kweebec, and ever since I began working full-time in 2012, the vision has always remained crystal clear. We strive to provide a safe, warm, inclusive environment that encourages our campers to try new things, gain self-confidence, and create life-long friendships.

I am intricately involved in staff recruitment, staff training, and program development for each summer season. I also manage both facility rentals and corporate events at Kweebec, and I live at camp for six months and run our pre-camp and post-camp seasons.

Camp is in my blood and has had a profound impact on the person that I am today. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend my summers at Kweebec, and I get excited about sharing it each summer not only with my two sons, Ben and Sam, but also with as many other people as possible!”

— Jon