Founded in 1935, Camp Kweebec has been under continuous family ownership since its beginning. Camp Kweebec has always been about family, and has been providing nurturing, safe, and exciting summers for co-ed campers for over 85 years.

Kweebec has been owned and directed by the Weiser Family since 1969. Now in their second generation, they have had the privilege of caring for children for over five decades, and are extremely proud of the thousands of Kweebecers who have become part of their greater camp family. It is a tradition unlike any other!

Les Weiser, who attended Camp Kweebec as a very young camper, was seemingly destined to own Camp Kweebec. At the age of 24, he saw an advertisement in a newspaper about a camp for sale that, unbeknownst to him, was the very same one that he himself fell in love with many years earlier. After purchasing camp, Les hired Maddy to be the Athletic Director at Kweebec and the rest was history! Maddy is a highly respected physician specializing in Pediatrics in the Main Line area of Philadelphia. During the camping season, she is Kweebec’s Medical Director and she devotes the majority of her time to camper health and welfare.

In 2016, Rachel Weiser Weisman and Josh Weiser received the official baton from their father, and have been running Camp Kweebec ever since. Following in Les’ footsteps, and with over a combined 80 years of camp experience, they are proud to continue the legacy set forth by their dad. Rachel and Josh are camp lifers and have both progressed to every leadership position at camp. Uniquely running camp as a brother-sister duo, Rachel and Josh are also parents themselves which gives them the unparalleled capacity to care for children as if they are their own.

Since Rachel and Josh have become the Directors they have invested in the infrastructure of camp by replacing the Mansion House roof and renovating the interior of the Dining Hall. They have resurfaced all of the lower athletic courts, rebuilt all of the porches on camper bunks and installed an electric front gate for added security. Currently they are renovating all of the boy’s camp bunk bathrooms, siding the exterior of the dining hall, and giving both our Field House and original pool major renovations…all to be ready for summer 2023!

Les, Rachel, Amy, Maddy, Josh
Rachel & Josh '87