We’re counting down the days until summer because we love summer camp as much as our Kweebecers do! Sharing our passion for nature, athletics, creativity, and unforgettable activities gives us a reason to get up each day and powers the fun at our coed summer camp near Connecticut!

Offering Fun Programs & Activities For Kids Ages 6-16

Welcoming all kids and teens ages 6-16, our inclusive and encouraging summer camp is a place where every camper is free to explore, grow, and learn from new friends and caring counselors alike. Like a kid-ruled world away from the stress of life at home, every aspect of Camp Kweebec is designed with our campers’ favorite activities and well-being in mind. Whether we’re snacking on s’mores or pushing ourselves to try new things like the zip line or horseback riding, respect for each other, supportive teamwork, and a focus on the fun are guiding principles at Camp Kweebec.

At our girls’ and boys’ camp near CT, there are limitless possibilities to personalize each camper’s unique summertime path. With more choices and more ways to make our sports and art summer camp each camper’s own, our goal is to provide the perfect foundation for a more relatable and comfortable sleepaway camp experience.

Creative Arts Summer Camp Programs

For future Picassos, Hollywood actors, and high-energy dancers, our creative activities add a dash of color and inspiration to every summer break! With amazing program features like choreographed dance, comedy, drama, and vocal stage performances, our leading performance education leads to confidence on stage, trust in the team, and motivation to keep practicing. For the ingenious designers and hands-on crafts kids, our fun-filled activities like glass making, painting, and tie-dye are just a few of the awesome ways we nurture our campers’ creative passions.

Whether your child is an outgoing singer or a thoughtful creator, we make it easy to highlight their creative dreams with a million different ways to be creative at Camp Kweebec!

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Game-Changing Sports Camp Programs Near CT

Athletes at every age and skill level thrive at Camp Kweebec near CT. Across our expansive campgrounds, campers can play casually, practice seriously, and enjoy healthy competition in tennis, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, water polo, and many more sports. Our sports camp kids receive attentive coaching, and amazing team building, and leave camp each summer with new skills and sharpened talents.

Along with hosting classic sports, our sports camp also includes standout options like archery, paintball, and other nature-inspired activities like fishing and horseback riding. We aim to please young athletes from all walks of life while enriching their abilities and expanding their horizons with more sports to try.

Enjoyable Activities For All Girls and Boys at Our Coed Summer Camp

Beyond the best sporting and creative activities, we also infuse a variety of fun and action-packed events beyond the basics into all campers’ ever-changing schedules. From high-speed water tubing to playing capture the flag after a delicious lunch, all campers have access to unique activities outside of their focused program types.

Sign Up For Our Sleepaway Summer Camps Today!

Excited to experience our sleepaway summer camp near New York and Connecticut with an in-person tour? We are happy to host you and your family if you’d like to explore our beautiful property and preview our commitment to clean, modern, and comfortable amenities before you book.

After learning all about our awesome overnight camp near CT, each program preference can be paired with various summer timelines too. For younger sleepaway campers, our 2-week Youth Pilot program is the perfect option for 6-10-year-olds who are excited to have a couple of weeks without their parents! For every other kid and teen, you can choose the first half, second half, or a full summer session for the all-inclusive sport and art summer camp adventure!

Booking late and need help finding a spot in our girl’s and boy’s camp near Connecticut? We do our best to be flexible and helpful, providing last-minute support if we still have space. We only offer 150 spots for each boy and girl’s camp, so we recommend booking your tour or locking down your overnight camp itinerary as soon as possible!